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Teacher's Goldmine

The follow-up to the A-Z Worksheets
  • Edexcel Year 12 Economics: Ready Now!
  • Over 120 classroom-ready resources – all stretching, occasionally fun, all tested in Ian’s classroom
  • All hyperlinked to the numbered sections of the Edexcel Specification; at least one item per section of Themes 1 and 2; usually 2-4
  • All with answers
  • Crosswords, complex matching exercises, glossaries covering all the Edexcel spec statements, tests, A-Z s of economic terms, graphical questions, case studies, powerpoints
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Seven types of classroom activity:

2 are well known: powerpoint presentations and case studies.
In addition there are 5 other types of activity. For each, click to see a sample:

  1. Crosswords
  2. Matching exercises
  3. Glossary-based quizzes
  4. Graph questions
  5. Tests

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