Macro-Economics Target B-A* (eBook)


Year 12 & 13 Macroeconomics

Revision Handbook for Top Grades

  • Builds from grade C/B knowledge to A* evaluation. Valuable for students after every Year 12 and 13 micro lesson
  • Challenges students to think more deeply about what they’ve learned
  • With each topic, a format of What, Why it matters, Counter-argument and a Critical perspective
  • …plus two 5-step logic chains showing the transmission mechanisms needed for top analysis
  • More than 30 macro diagrams included, explained and used for test questions (all answers included in the book)
  • Written by Ian Marcousé in a year he taught Year 12 and 13 macro – the text has been fully trialled!
  • The book follows the sequence of the Edexcel specification, but makes no reference to any Board. Its coverage of A Level Macro is very comprehensive.
  • Suitable for all A Level specifications, home and overseas, plus the I.B.
  • Price includes VAT.


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