Now Available: Target B-A*

Year 12 & 13 Microeconomics

Revision Handbook for Top Grades

Available for AQA, Edexcel and Other Boards

  • Builds from grade C/B knowledge to A* evaluation. Valuable for students after every Year 12 and 13 micro lesson
  • With each topic, a format of What, Why it matters, Counter-argument and a Critical perspective
  • plus two 5-step logic chains showing the transmission mechanisms needed for top analysis
  • More than 40 micro graphs included, explained and used for test questions (all answers included in the book)
  • Economic maths and calculations covered in detail, including indexing and the elasticities
  • Written by Ian Marcouse in a year he taught Year 12 and 13 micro – the text has been fully trialled!


Available Now: Target 9-5

GCSE Business Handbook

Your essential companion from Day 1 through to Exam revision

  • Covers all key concepts in the GCSE. Builds from pass-grade knowledge to Grade 9 evaluation. Valuable after every new classroom lesson … and in the lead-up to exams
  • With each topic, a format of What, Why, How and So? gives clarity – and shows how to develop more complex arguments
  • Every concept supported by a 5-step logic chain – exactly what examiners want for a top-level answer
  • Business maths covered in detail. Lots of questions to test yourself. All with answers in the book

NEW: Topical Archive & Index

Injecting new life into teaching programmes

The full memory stick contains over 320 selected cases with answers

Business and Economics A level Worksheets

Available for both AS & A Level 2nd Year

If you’ve not come across A-Z’s Worksheet packs you have a treat in store. 100 worksheets organised alphabetically – easy to use and each with the answers on the back. Incredibly useful for starters and speedy revision.

Available for AQA Business and Edexcel Business, Economics and Economics Spec B.

The worksheets and exam packs I have purchased for AQA 9-1 Business have been incredibly useful. With direct links to specification content, and a complete coverage of all assessment obectives, these resources have been invaluable in preparing for and delivering the new qualification as a sole specialist at my centre. Thank you A-Z!
Mr S O J Stones

Associate Leader, Faculty of Maths, Computing and Business, Norton College

Topical Cases 2018/19

Topical Cases is a monthly email subscription service providing bang up to date Business classroom materials hot off Ian Marcouse’s computer. It has run for 15 years, with teachers finding its material a ‘life-saver’ on many occasions. Outstanding for OfSted – and for your students.

Topical Economics 2018/19

After 15 years of success with (Business)Topical Cases, Ian Marcouse is giving Economics the same coverage. A monthly email subscription service providing bang up to date classroom materials with exam-style questions and full mark schemes. Outstanding for OfSted – and for your students.

Loving these this month
Bill Morrison, Grange School

in response to his October 2018 issue of Topical Cases