eBus GCSE Business 9-1

Cases emailed monthly – FREE!

by Ian Marcouse

eBus is a monthly email subscription service providing classroom-ready materials for GCSE Business teachers. The case materials will be highly topical and will come with suggested answers/mark schemes. And at least for the first two academic years they will be entirely free. They will be emailed on the 10th of each meaningful academic month (Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar and April/May – depending on the date of the Easter hols).

The materials will be written for the Edexcel GCSE Business specification – and therefore will mimic Edexcel mark tariffs and question styles. Unquestionably, therefore, the service will work best for Edexcel centres. But there are mandatory new topics for all the Specs, such as ARR, procurement and logistics – so eBus can provide useful new materials for all. Also, the activities will be sent out in Word, so if you’re offering AQA and want to tweak a 12-mark Edexcel Q into a 15-marker, it’ll be easy enough. And there will be occasional knowledge tests, useful for all – but especially OCR centres.

Reasons you have to get eBus

Topicality – and I mean it – materials might be emailed on the 10th October incorporating a business story breaking on the 9th. Topicality is the secret weapon for all Business teachers

To OfSted, outstanding teaching requires up-to-date resources and challenging material: eBus will provide both

It’s free! You’ll subscribe with no charge – and with no dodgy Direct Debit forms to tie you down for evermore! Please accept the subscription with the compliments of A-Z Business Training

Networkable: all the material can be used as you wish, including storing it in a VLE or on a network; there are no network licences or other paperwork to be filled in

Each subscription entitles you to have materials sent directly to two email addresses, e.g. you at home and at school, or you plus another member of staff.

And don’t forget that Ian has been running Topical Cases (for Business A Level) and Topical Economics for many years. They provide 4 or more activities per month (at £66 for 2018/19); eBus will provide 2 or more each month.

The Author

Ian Marcouse has been a keen case study writer for many years. He prides himself on having a good eye for a story, plus the dedication to research his material with rigour. As a former Chair of Examiners for Edexcel GCSE Business, his knowledge of GCSE standards ensures that the pitch of the questions will be appropriate – and the mark schemes in line with the new Spec.

Electronic Publication

Delivered via email, the materials will be published in Word .  Whenever possible, Ian adds extra files of data, such as updated schemes of work.

Terms and conditions

Each subscription to eBus is taken out by a school or college. Staff at the institution can photocopy, tailor or network the materials as they see fit, but must not distribute, lend or sell the materials to any other school or college, or staff/students at any other school or college. In the medium – long term, this service can only survive if staff help to protect the copyright of the author.


At the end of each year, subscribers will be sent an index relating each case to the relevant part of the (Edexcel) Specification. This will make it easy for you to incorporate the materials into your Scheme of Work.

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