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Cases emailed monthly – FREE!

by Ian Marcouse

Topical Cases is a monthly email subscription service that provides teachers with up to date classroom materials written by Ian Marcouse for his own students. Topical Cases has been helping A Level Business teachers for the past twenty years. It brought you the problems at BP, John Lewis and Capita long before the mainstream media – but also reflected on the latest business stories. Ian writes these with the insights gathered from 13 years as a Chief Examiner (2 for OCR and 11 for AQA) plus his consultancy work with Edexcel.

Reasons you have to get Topical Cases

Topicality – to add an extra dimension to the resources that support our teaching. Books, magazines and photocopiable packs can never be really up-to-date. This material has the latest economic data, politico-economic debates and cases from the micro world of business activity, such as takeover bids or market share data in oligopolistic markets.

Flexibility – providing the material in Word means that you can cut out a question on a topic you have not yet covered, or add in a definition or two if you think it helpful

All the material can be used as you wish, including storing it in a VLE or on a network; there are no network licences or other paperwork to be filled in

Outstanding teaching requires up-to-date resources and challenging material: Topical Economics and Topical Cases provide both

Each subscription entitles you to have materials sent directly to two email addresses, e.g. you at home and at school, or you plus another member of staff.

The Author

Ian Marcouse has been a keen case study writer for many years. He prides himself on having a good eye for a story, plus the dedication to research his material with rigour. As a former Chair of Examiners for Edexcel GCSE Business, his knowledge of GCSE standards ensures that the pitch of the questions will be appropriate – and the mark schemes in line with the new Spec.

Electronic Publication

Delivered via email, the materials will be published in Word .  Whenever possible, Ian adds extra files of data, such as updated schemes of work.

Terms and conditions

Each subscription to ‘Topical Cases’ or ‘Topical Economics’ is taken out by a school or college. Staff at the institution can photocopy, tailor or network the materials as they see fit, but must not distribute, lend or sell the materials to any other school or college, or staff/students at any other school or college. Occasionally we will send you advertising materials for our courses, worksheet packs and revision books, but we’re pretty good. We don’t believe in bombardment as a promotional strategy.

If you want the materials sent to a second email address (perhaps your personal one) drop an email to Maureen at

Subscribers say:
“Ian, Maureen, I’m off. Retirement … slippers … dog … etc. Topical’s helped keep me interested over the past – how long is it? Thank you so, so much.”

“I’ve no idea how long you spend with data. It’s full of insight and bang up to date. It makes a real difference in my classroom.”

“Loved the piece on Capita. It went beyond the Spec but my class found it fascinating (and scary) – and they felt they’d leaned a lot.”

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