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Online GCSE Business Revision

Expert Revision Tutorials for Business GCSE

As we know, GCSE students have had a very difficult year. You’ll have done everything you can, but many students still need extra help to catch up. To help, I’m putting on a series of Online revision tutorials, separately covering the Edexcel and AQA GCSE courses.

In Spring 2021 I’m putting on a full programme of highly interactive, live revision events for schools – run on-line. Your students hear me speak and watch my slides (or other props, such as an exam paper or student exam answer) – but from a computer in your school. Your involvement is important, to get your students working on the short problems/ exercises I set.

NB I now record each exam unit, so that you can play the session to fit your timetable.

Each session is priced at £79 (£65 prior to March 1st). This is a flat rate – allowing you to show the ‘broadcast’ to as many students and staff as you wish. If a student is self-isolating, you can give them the access code to the recorded version – at no extra charge. If the whole class is isolating, it’s simply that I’m running a class for you.

How to Book

Each booking is for a Paper. For GCSE this is split into two 30 minute sessions. One on subject content, the other on exam technique. You need to book a session 1 and a session 2 for each paper. The price covers you for all occasions (including the recording), so keen students can participate more than once.

What Kit Do I need?

Simply a classroom with broadband and a data projector, showing my Powerpoints, with the sound coming through speakers. You do not need any funky software. It works on anything from Vista up to the latest Windows or Apple systems

Online Sessions

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