Economics A Level plus GCSE eBus Archive – Memory Stick


The A-Z free topical services have two great strengths: serendipidy – in whether Ian’s choice of a topic meets your immediate needs – and the build-up of a resource. This new A-Z product tackles the latter, making the cases searchable – and indexing them to specifications. With all the Edexcel Business cases in a single folder, if you search a very specific topic such as ‘trade-off’ you can instantly find 3 cases.

For a teacher of Edexcel Business A Level, the archive gives you more than 120 recent cases, all indexed to the sub-numbers within the Edexcel spec. So if you’re about to teach 3.3.2 (investment appraisal) the index will identify the 8 cases that cover this topic. And with a click of the hyperlinked title you’ll have the case opened to check whether it’s what you want. This will make it easy to turn an ageing, slightly thin scheme of work into a winner – and give you easy access to a huge number of exam-style sets of questions with answers. The same detailed indexes have been done for Economics and GCSE Business.

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