Boot Camp Year 12-13 2020 (3 Day Course)


• The full programme taught by Ian Marcousé, author & examiner
• 3-Day intensive course 9.30 – 5.00, with small class sizes
• Key aspects of theory plus detailed work on exam technique
• August 25th – 27th 2020
• Venue: Central Foundation School, Old St tube station, London
• The objective: to set you up for a strong Year 13

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Day 1 and 2 A Level programme – August 25th and 26th 2020 9.30 – 5.00

  • Day 1 will focus on Marketing and Human Resources, with special focus on numerical techniques (price elasticity, calculating productivity, % changes and so on) and on higher-level theory
  • Marketing and H.R. share a common problem. They seem quite easy and familiar, so students waffle a lot and fail to learn the precise meaning of key terms. So precision of understanding will be key, with a lot of work on pairs that students mush together: production & productivity, motivation and movement, delegation and consultation and so on.
  • Day 2 will look at Finance and Operations/Resource management. These are more technical and more based on formulae. So students work harder at precision, yet struggle to understand fully the terms concerned.
  • It is also crucial to understand the importance of coordinating the business functions and the threat posed by trade-offs between them.
  • The final content session will look in detail at the external environment of business, including the macro economy, the legal framework and the role of shock in business.

Day 3 programme – August 27th 2020  9.30 – 4.30

  • Two weeks before the course you will get a case study homework consisting of one 10 and one 20-mark question. You will email your answers to Ian, for marking by August 22nd. He will go through your answers on a one-to-one basis – to help improve your exam technique
  • The subject content of the day will cover integrated themes within business functions, such as objectives and strategy, opportunity costs and business ethics
  • The main part of the day will be on written and exam techniques, with 1 hour sessions each on the exam skills of Application, Analysis and Evaluation. This will be hugely helpful for Year 13 material – especially exam paper practice
  • There will also be two tests during the day, to see whether days 1 and 2 were assimilated. One test on vocabulary and knowledge. The other on Year 12 business maths.
  • All delegates will receive a memory stick with hundreds of Year 12 A Level revision questions providing many hours of revision materials, from which you can choose the topic areas at which you need help


Price for a full 3-Day course: £375 (inc VAT) inclusive of Ian’s Year 12 revision memory stick, 1-2-1 advice on written work, refreshments and lunch.

Please note this does not include accommodation. If you need to stay for one or more nights, we recommend the very reasonable B&B prices at the London School of Economics halls of residence.