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Exam Packs

• 3 complete sets of papers will give you mock exams and some extra to spare – for classroom work and to build up student confidence

• Photocopiable pack with all questions and mark schemes on robust paper

• Disk containing the contents in Word as well as PDF. Easy to edit/tweak. Easy to put on your network once the paper has been tackled.

• Each exam paper matches the relevant Spec, e.g. AQA Economics has 20 MCQs per paper – that’s 120 MCQs in total!

• With all the best will in the world, the exam boards cannot publish enough specimen papers to allow you and your students to achieve immersive familiarity

• Ian Marcouse had 13 years as a Chief Examiner, plus experience as a Chair of Examiners, so the papers will use the right trigger terms and will be of A Level standard (i.e. challenging)

• Every piece of research on exam success says ‘practise past papers’. The A-Z Exam Pack will be invaluable.

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